Es gibt noch Hoffnung – ein paar Zitate aus einem Entertainment-Weekly-Interview mit den “Lost”-Machern:

There were many complaints about The X-Files, which in the minds of many faltered in its last two years and tainted the whole thing. That’s a profound lesson for us.

(Carlton Cuse, Executive Producer)

Sehr gut.

We’re proceeding as if they [ABC] are going to allow us to do what we plan, which is a four- or five-season arc with potentially a movie to wrap it up. My guess is they’ll realize that the endgame is in play when major characters start getting bumped off.

(Damon Lindelof, Executive Producer)

Möge das funktionieren. Wobei ich nicht weiß, wie ein Kinofilm so werden soll – der zu den “X-Files” war ja der Kracher nicht. Bonus-Zitat:

[…] in our show, Kate wasn’t originally going to be “the convict,” and Jack was supposed to die.

(J. J. Abrams, Executive Producer)


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  1. Sascha on December 19th, 2006 22:53

    Na das klingt ja vielversprechend – warten wir es ab ;)

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