You’ve got an emergency. Who would you call at four in the morning, knowing that they would get out of bed and do whatever they could to help you? Those are your friends. That reduces your Christmas-card list a lot.

(Piers Morgan, TV Host, in Esquire Magazine)

Were I some sleeping Adam, to wake and find you resting at my rib, to share these things that God has done, to walk you through the garden, to counsel your timid steps, your bewildered eye, your heart so slow to love, so careful to love, so sheepish that I stepped up my aim and became a man.

(Donald Miller, in “Polaroids”)

Love is handing your heart to someone and taking the risk that they will hand it back because they don’t want it. That’s why it’s such a crushing ache on the inside. We gave away a part of ourselves and it wasn’t wanted.

Love is a giving away of power. When we love, we give the other person the power in the relationship. They can do what they choose. They can do what they like with our love. They can reject it, they can accept it, they can step toward us in gratitude and appreciation.

Love is a giving away. When we love, we put ourselves out there, we expose ourselves, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

(Rob Bell)

Maybe I haven’t risked enough to be rejected.

(Bill Shapiro, Journalist)

“Sollen wir dich mitnehmen?” rief sie ihm zwei, drei Mal durch den Pulk von Menschen zu, der aus dem Restaurant in Richtung der geparkten Autos strömte. “Nein, ich habe schon eine Mitfahrgelegenheit!” antwortete er. Mehrfach. Und fĂŒgte in Gedanken hinzu: “Und sicher nicht nach diesem und dem gestrigen Abend.”

Die Katze lebt. Doch gelingt es, ihren Appetit zu wecken?

Erst beim Öffnen des Raumes und Beobachtung (Messung) entscheidet sich, ob man die Katze tot oder lebendig auffindet, das heißt, man kann ĂŒber den Zustand der Katze vor der Beobachtung keine Aussage treffen.

(Zitat: Wikipedia)

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